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Business Development

The City of Akron, where AGWA is headquartered, has a long history of supporting innovation and providing soft landings for companies entering the U.S. market. Our region is filled with companies from overseas that now call Akron home. Add to that the independent management, physical resources and success of current partnerships, and it’s clear that AGWA is poised to usher in a new age of water treatment and management through international collaboration.

The Akron Global Business Accelerator, in particular, offers entrepreneurial support and counseling services to companies willing to establish operations in Akron. Its experienced staff works with entrepreneurs through every step of the startup process, from sales and business plan development to cash flow management, financing and marketing. The Accelerator currently houses more than 50 startup companies within its 200,000 square feet of modern, multi-use space.

AGWA provides water technology partners with access to experts in manufacturing, IT, marketing and sales, and so much more:

  • Access resources outside their own markets (without relocation)
  • Market research, analysis and assessment
  • Strategic market and business plan development
  • Potential strategic partner and customer identification
  • Understanding of and access to incentives and investment resources
  • Patent searches and registration

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