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Science and Technology

AGWA is based in Akron, Ohio USA, home to high-quality drinking water and water reclamation systems that have been in operation since the early 1900s. While the city itself has almost 330,000 people in the metro area, Akron is actually part of a much larger economic base. The entire Northeast Ohio region boasts a population of some four million. And AGWA plays an integral role in their water supply and reclamation services. In fact, Akron’s clean water supply challenges are similar to that of many municipalities and our solutions are scalable to virtually any size service area.


Advanced Systems

The facilities of Akron Water Supply and Akron Water Reclamation Services use the latest technologies and infrastructures to achieve effective and efficient water treatment. From computer-automated control systems to advanced data management, event response and water security tools, AGWA utilizes high-integrity systems created here in Akron, as well as all over the world, to test and develop new methods of treating water and wastewater and to protect source waters.


The AGWA water system includes:

  • Potential strategic partner and customer identification
  • Source water quality protection and security
  • Management of 4 raw water reservoirs and 20,000 acres of city-owned property
  • An Environmental Protection Agency-approved watershed control program
  • Operation and maintenance of an Ohio EPA class IV drinking water treatment facility
  • Regulatory compliance facilities including an on-site certified laboratory 
  • Operation and maintenance of a more than 1,200-mile water distribution system
  • Industrial and residential meter reading and backflow protection
  • An underground network of water force mains
  • Transmission mains
  • Feeder mains
  • Local mains and their associated valves
  • Service connections
  • 12 pump stations
  • Water tanks
  • 2 main storage reservoirs with a maximum capacity of 37.2 million gallons
  • 3 elevated tanks
  • 6 standpipes
  • 1,200 miles of water mains
  • 94,000 active water services
  • 30,576 valves
  • 12,549 fire hydrants

Together, these resources provide a self-contained, owned and operated water system, which forms a first-rate test facility for water technologies.


Global Collaboration

The AGWA facilities have a long history of engaging in both domestic and international collaborative projects. For example, Akron Water Supply recently participated in a three-year project with The University of Akron using fluorescence spectroscopy to evaluate plant and distribution systems operations. Akron Water Reclamation Services partnered with Japan-based EBARA, the only company that currently produces BCDMH for the wastewater industry, to test the chemical as an alternative disinfection technology for wet-weather applications. Other collaboration and projects are also underway with partners from other countries, such as Germany and Israel.


Forward Thinking

AGWA is focused on developing new technologies and practices to support power-saving initiatives, sustainability and environmental stewardship. We already have implemented a number of best management practices, including having nearly all of the Akron Water Reclamation Services power requirements met through renewable energy resources.

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